Wednesday, 6 September 2017

my speech

  1. Why you should play slime rancher?
Do you ever played cute video games .well if you do then give yourself the opportunity to check out slime rancher on steam, it's super duper worth it and it's not aggressive at all.

2.   what's it about :  slime rancher is a game about collecting these adorable slimes such as boom slimes,honey slimes,phosphor slimes and my personal favorite tabby slimes. My second you may ask is the water slimes ,they just swim in their pond handing out their ‘plorts’ (crystal poo from the slimes)  like free candy.

3. So you basically collect slimes and collect their plorts to make money by feeding them specific food, mix them well and then you can feed them different plorts.

4.  for example i was  mad so i got on my pc and started up slime rancher and as soon as I saw the adorable slimes all I could think was how cute and happy they were. I immediately becam
e happier as a result of playing this game.     

5.  I have now told you lots of facts about slime rancher so why don't you have ago at it. You never know, you might even like it yourself.

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