Tuesday, 13 November 2018

chosen valley

On Monday room 8,7 and 18 went to chosen valley Christian camp. we went there for 2 and a half days for dinner we had my favorite nachos. they were amazing in the cabins they were very good and the buddies made me chere up. I personally think you should go to the chosen valley camp site.


  1. Malo adam My name is Apii in room 18.I really like your picture about us at chosen valley.I favorite food at camp is the Mack or Rooney cheese.I love your words about your story.Please blog on my blog it is (http://odsapiisalomam.blogspot.co.nz/)Thank you blog you later.

    1. thank you and i will comment on your blog.

  2. Hi Adam, I'm Matti from Owairaka District School in Room 25. I really like your picture about Room 8, 7, and 18. My favorite meal at camp was corn chips and meat sauce Yummmmmmmm. I like the words you used to discribe the fun times at camp.
    Come check out my blog @ http://odsmatthewj.blogspot.co.nz

    Blog you later!,
    - Matti


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